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Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

Legal Eye Investigations understands that infidelity and cheating partner issues are highly emotional issues. Cases like this need to be handled with care and the utmost sensitivity. Our experienced investigators will assist you and your legal team by gathering evidence, documenting behaviors, and presenting evidence to a court or mediator.

There are a variety of behaviors that may indicate a cheating partner. It’s important to remember that there may be other reasonable explanations for any of these behaviors, however, if you observe any combination of the following behaviors, then it may be time to investigate:

  • Unusual work schedules or late hours at the office.

  • Spending more time “out with friends” or acting like he/she is single.

  • Dressing better than usual, especially when going out without you.

  • Acting bored with children, family activities, etc.

  • Diminished sex drive and excuses to avoid sexual intercourse.

  • Diminished interest in communicating or spending time with their partner.

  • New password protection of phone, computer or other devices.

  • Acting excessively protecting of their cell phone.

  • Getting new credit cards.

  • Small lies and omissions.

  • Removing pictures of their partner or family from cell phone or wallet.

  • Becoming defensive when asked about time spent away from the home.

Child Custody 

Deciding to hire a private investigator to conduct a child custody investigation can be a difficult and emotional time in one’s life. A licensed child custody private investigator understands custody battles are often fueled with emotion and allegations against the other party. It can become a trying and confusing time, filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. This is why finding the right services and investigation firm is highly important to the securing of your child’s security and custody.

A child custody investigation is a very delicate matter, our team is always on the alert and looking out for a few red flags which could help determine whether or not your former spouse is a fit guardian. Some of the factors we look for are:

  • Is your child being exposed to less than adequate living conditions?

  • Is your child being exposed to any illegal activity?

  • Is your child the victim of any physical, emotional, or psychological abuse?

  • Is your child being placed under the watch of another care taker?

  • Is your child being put in any hazardous situations?

We will document any activity involving your child and provide you with photographic and video evidence which can be used in the court of law.

Missing Person

Legal Eye Investigations work many types of missing person’s cases including kidnappings, runaways, fugitives, and more. Sometimes people want a loved one found, a friend, or a child. Other times, people need to track someone down for payments or a debt owed. No matter the case, hiring a private investigator is often the best bet when it comes to locating a missing person, especially if that person doesn't want to be found. 

Not every missing person's case is an emergency. If you are looking for a former love or long-lost family member, if someone owes you a debt or you want to locate your estranged child, a private investigator has access to resources that are far beyond anything an internet search can deliver.

Private investigators have tools that help them gather information you are unlikely to find anywhere, and sometimes gather details that even a police investigation might not uncover. Missing persons investigators can:

  • Gain access to places other people may not have the ability to enter.

  • Network with other private investigators to broaden the search.

  • Gather information from informants who may otherwise refuse to share.

  • Use surveillance techniques to observe areas a missing person may frequent.

  • Use tracking devices to physically follow suspects in a missing persons case.

  • Conduct background checks.

  • Question witnesses.

  • Search hospitals, mortuaries, and other facilities where a missing person or victim may be.


Child Activity Check

Activity Checks on children can be a sensitive matter and we respect the importance of maintaining private and confidential ‘checks.   Our Private Investigators understand your concern; therefore, you will be constantly updated on the progress of the matter personally.  During the course of the investigation, you may be provided with necessary photos and/or videos of their activities.

Why would I need to commence an Activity Check on my child by a Maryland Licensed Private Investigator?

  • Your son or daughter is attending University and you are concerned with their choice of friends.  Are they taking drugs?  Making good choices?

  • You frequently travel away for work, and you question your teenager's activity whilst you're away

  • You suspect your daughter is having a relationship with a person you would not approve of, and you want to know who, what, where and why?

  • Your child has just moved out and you are concerned about their visitors, actions and living arrangements

  • You are planning a long overseas holiday and want to 'spot check' your children from time to time

How Can A Private Investigator Help Me With My Child Support Case?

“My baby daddy aint paying his child support.” “My husband says he aint working so he can't pay child support but I know he is lying.” “How can I find out where my kid's father works so I can have his wages garnished?” “My wife thinks she shouldn’t have to pay child support since she is a mom but I have the kids.” “How can I find my baby daddy so he can pay child support?” “How can I get child support from my spouse?” 


We have heard them all. We have helped them all. Let us help you.


Life is difficult as it is but trying to navigate life as a single parent can be even more daunting. Most households require two incomes just to get by these days. When a parent is obligated to help support their child with child support payments, it can be tough when that parent purposely tries to avoid those payments. Even if a parent has remarried, it is still the obligation of the child’s parents to help support their child. Most parents acknowledge their financial obligation to the child and pay their child support payments as ordered. There are some that do anything they can to avoid it. There are some parents that will completely disappear in order to avoid paying their child support payments. Still others will lie about their income or their employment status to avoid paying. Even if the court garnishes the paycheck of a parent, child support payments can be avoided by not reporting their employment with a company. They may not tell you or the court where they work and that is something that you have to know in order to garnish their paycheck. A parent who has not paid child support or who has been deceptive about their employment, will have to pay the amount they have skipped once they or their true employment status is found. If you are having a difficult time locating your child’s parent who is obligated to make child support payments or if your child’s other parent is being dodgy about their employment, call a private investigator at Legal Eye Investigations.  We can scour, skip tracing databases, employ surveillance techniques, interview people, etc. to get the information you need to ensure that you get the child support payments you are owed that you need to take care of your children.

Don't let him/her get away without paying child support. Call Legal Eye Investigations at 410-921-5804.

Our child is missing. Can a Private Investigator help me? 

“My teen ran away from home. Can a PI help me?” “How to find a missing person.” “The cops are not taking my case seriously, can a private investigator help?” “My child was kidnapped. What should I do?” “How to find a missing teen?” “My teenager ran away from home and is eluding the police. Can a PI help?”


Most definitely. Every parent knows that sinking feeling you get when you can’t find your child. Some children, especially teenagers, run away. If they are eighteen or older, there is little a parent can do to get their child home but if they are younger than eighteen, parents can appeal to the police to find and return their child. The police will take a statement and file a report and alert other police agencies about the missing child but, often because police resources are so stretched, they do not actively search for the child unless they suspect the child may be in imminent danger. Some parents become frustrated with this process and turn to a PI. A private investigator can follow leads, interview friends and parents, and seek your missing child out, giving you the individual attention you need in this situation. 


Locating someone can often be a daunting task. Especially if that someone is trying to avoid being found. There are many reasons you

may want to hire a private investigator to find someone. It could be a teen who ran away or was abducted. The term used in the industry for locating people, whether they want to be found or not, is “skip tracing”.  Whatever the situation a private investigator from Legal Eye Investigations can assist you with all of your skip tracing needs.


The National Runaway Safeline (formerly the National Runaway Switchboard) estimates that 1.6 to 2.8 million teens run away each year, some as young as 10.  The younger they are, the more susceptible they are to the hazards of street life.  Drugs, violence, prostitution, and sex trafficking are just a few of the dangers a teen faces when they attempt life on the streets.  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 800,000 children are reported missing each year.  203,000 are abducted by family members.  It is a parent’s worst nightmare.  You should always call the police first whenever your child is missing whether they ran away or you suspect they were abducted.  When a teenager runs away, the police take all the information about the teen but they don’t exactly scour the streets looking for them.  They usually don’t even investigate but, rather, post a bulletin to all police forces to be on the lookout and, although you are dying inside, they don’t seem to be in much of a hurry to find your child.  If they happen to run across them, they will pick them up.  A private investigator from Legal Eye Investigations will actively search for your runaway child using clues left by your child and clues gathered from friends and other sources. Don't sit and worry about the whereabouts of your loved ones. Call Legal Eye Investigations 410-921-5804 to speak with one of our investigators or fill out a form and above and an investigator will reach out to you. 

How Can A Private Investigator Help With My Child Custody Case?

"How can I find out who my spouse has my kids around?" "My husband does drugs and is not fit to have custody of our children." "Can a private investigator help me get custody of my children?" "How can I find out where my baby daddy is living?"

Determination of custody of a child is usually the most emotionally charged part of a divorce proceeding. Parents will usually do whatever it takes to obtain what they want in a custody agreement. They will lie, cover up, change their behavior in front of others, almost anything to get what they want. Sometimes all they want is child support when they care nothing about the well being of the child. Sometimes a parent will do whatever they can to get out of paying child support.


By law, each parent starts on equal footing when a judge is considering a custody

arrangement.  They will use what is called the “the best interest of the child” standard.  This allows a judge to consider what the parents want, what the child wants (if they are of a certain age), and how the parents behave to determine the child’s best interest.  Oftentimes, the court will appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the interests of the child.  It’s like a child has their own attorney in the proceedings.  Sometimes, parents accuse each other of behaviors that they consider harmful to the best interests of the child.  Usually, a parent who is accused of harmful behavior will deny the accusations.  If the accusing parent has no other proof other than their accusation, the judge will not consider it as a factor in the case. A private investigator from Legal Eye Investigations can help you get the evidence you need to show a judge that your accusations are not just words but facts. 


If you suspect that your child’s other parent is engaged in criminal activity, you will want the court to know. They will certainly deny it so you will need to hire a private investigator to keep an eye on the other parent to attempt to gain evidence of their criminal behavior. Criminals usually hang out with other criminals. A Maryland private investigator can find out who your child’s other parent is spending their time with and whether or not those people are drug users, drug dealers, sex offenders, child abusers, etc.


Child abuse or neglect can be difficult to prove, especially if the parents aren’t living in the same home. You can hire a private investigator to watch your child’s other parent while they have the child to attempt to gain evidence of any abuse or neglect that you already suspect. For example, if your child is below a certain age, the law requires they be placed in a car seat or booster seat while traveling in a vehicle. Some parents may neglect to do this basic, simple precautionary measure. They will almost certainly deny it so you are going to need proof.


A history of complaints of violence against the other parent is something you are going to want to prove to the judge. A private investigator from Legal Eye Investigations can dig into the other parent’s criminal background.  Maybe even interview people from the past to see if they have a history of violence.


Drug and alcohol abuse are a plague on society and many parents fall prey to it. If you suspect that your child’s other parent is abusing alcohol and drugs, a private investigator can keep an eye on them and see what they do when they go out with their friends or alone. Do they drive while under the influence or intoxicated? Do they pass out on the sidewalk in front of bars? Are they secretly buying drugs at the corner store?


Sometimes a parent will lie or cover up where they are living because they know it will hurt them in a custody proceeding. They may live in a home where the roof is caving in.  There may be garbage and broken glass everywhere. They may live with their boyfriend or girlfriend while saying they have their own place or live with friends or relatives. What about the boyfriend? Is he a criminal? Sex offender? Abuser?


A private investigator can document whether a parent is getting a child to school or daycare on time or picking them up when they are supposed to. Many children have other activities such as dance class or ball practice. Is the other parent getting them to these activities? On time? Are they picking them up on time?


The morality and conduct of a parent is something that courts will consider in a custody agreement. If your child’s other parent is engaging in behaviors that are considered immoral and are harmful to the child, a private investigator can acquire evidence of that.  Commonly, this involves the parent having an affair and bringing the children around the person they are having the affair with. Even more so, if they are affectionate with the other person.


The suitability and acceptability of a parent’s friend and other associates is important to the court. Who your child’s other parent associates with can be a factor when determining custody. Drug dealers, criminals, sex offenders, abusers, etc. are people that you are going to want to know about. If you don’t know who your child’s other parent spends their time with, a private investigator can find that out for you as well as whether they are someone that your child should be exposed to.


Custody agreement violations

Many custody arrangements require that a parent live within a certain radius of the other parent unless they get permission from the other parent or the courts to do so. This does not deter some parents from moving outside of that radius. Most times, they will deny that they moved. Sometimes, they will attempt to hide where they really live. A private investigator can check to see if a child’s parent lives where they say they live and, if not, find out where they really do live and where they are taking the child during their visitation. There are some arrangements that require a parent to notify the other parent if they intend to take the child outside of a certain defined area (a county or state or mile radius). Some fail to do so. A private investigator can document this for you to show the court.


Sometimes a custody arrangement forbids a parent from associating with certain people when the children are present. Some custody arrangements forbid a parent from allowing a love interest to stay overnight while the children are present. The arrangement may also forbid a parent from taking the children to the home of a love interest and spending the night. Most often the offending parent will deny anyone stayed overnight or they will deny that the person in question is a love interest. A private investigator can find out if the denials of the other parent are true or false.


There are provisions in some custody arrangements that give the parent who does not have possession of the child a right of first refusal if the other parent attempts to locate someone to watch the children while they do something. This is a provision that is often broken. This is easy evidence for a PI to document.


You only want to protect your children and be sure they are provided for. Legal Eye Investigations can help you gain that peace of mind. Call 410-921-5804. 

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