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Unmanned Surveillance

In situations where budget or logistical constraints make manned surveillance impractical, unmanned surveillance can provide a viable alternative. By utilizing stationary platforms that blend into the environment, unmanned surveillance can achieve discreet and legal video recording. These specialized stationary units are "invisible" and specifically designed to capture video of activity in residential or commercial properties, or other fixed areas. They are engineered to operate discreetly over extended periods, ranging from three to ten days, at a fraction of the cost of manned surveillance.

Making the decision of when to schedule surveillance for insurance claims can be a challenging task. It's crucial to time it right, as the success of the investigation may depend on it. If there is suspicion that a claimant is performing activities such as yard work, vehicle repairs, or house repairs outside their property, it can be challenging to pinpoint the appropriate time to capture this activity. That's where unmanned surveillance comes in. By utilizing this method, you can document these activities 24/7, removing the need for guesswork and ultimately reducing expenses. Unmanned surveillance can also be a valuable pre-surveillance tool for establishing patterns, routines, and movements of the claimant, taking the guesswork out of scheduling manned surveillance. This enhances the effectiveness and results of future manned surveillance, significantly reducing the number of hours required for a successful investigation.

Upon completing an assignment, the requester will receive a complete, unedited video of all recorded activity that has been triggered. It can be very time-consuming to sift through irrelevant footage, but we have advanced dual-tech motion detectors that are programmed to the specific environment of the property under surveillance, which has significantly reduced the need for reviewing irrelevant video clips. However, there will still be some video clips from activity on or near the property that are not relevant and will need to be sorted and reviewed. To simplify the process of reviewing and assessing the final video, we offer various options.

We offer several options to simplify the process of reviewing and assessing the final video:

Full Video Review - Our team will review all video footage captured during the assignment and include only the clips relevant to the subject or claimant.

Written Activity Report - We can prepare a written summary report of either all activity captured on video or only the activity of the subject or claimant. This option is particularly useful for longer assignments, as it highlights the relevant points of interest in the final video.

Constant Video Recording - Motion detectors are turned off, and the video is continuously recording. While motion detectors can trigger video recording due to random environmental effects, there may also be instances when they fail to trigger the video when they should. In situations where missing even a single video clip could jeopardize the entire operation, Video Always On is a mandatory option. This is especially important for unmanned surveillance at night when motion detectors can malfunction in certain environments.

Scotopic Vision - We offer infrared, thermal imaging, and light amplification video cameras to capture clear footage in low-light or no-light environments.

Live Updates - We provide live updates to the requester via text message or other means, especially when activity in the surveillance area is minimal. This option enables the requester to receive images as they happen.


Rural Settings

Claimant Routines

Provider Investigations

Suspicious Claimants/Subjects

By utilizing Unmanned Surveillance Vehicles (USVs), we can conduct covert surveillance (including video recording) of a subject around the clock for a period of 2 to 7 days without interruption. Our USVs are stationary and non-invasive, and they are controlled and supervised by licensed investigators from our corporate headquarters. This advanced technology enables us to monitor the subject in real-time and conduct comprehensive investigations nationwide.

Our capabilities go beyond just viewing the camera feed from our corporate office - we can also remotely control the camera's pan, tilt, and zoom functions in real-time and provide immediate updates to our clients. Our USV is designed to blend in seamlessly with other parked vehicles in a neighborhood, making it indistinguishable from non-surveillance vehicles.





The responsibility for deciding the legal appropriateness and usability of unmanned video in a specific situation lies with the requester. Legal Eye Investigations, LLC does not offer legal counsel, and any details related to this service should not be regarded as legally binding; they are only informative.

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