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Worker's Compensation Fraud

Our team of highly trained fraud investigators go above and beyond to get results.  We have the experience, technology and drive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  What we offer is simple, an investigation complete with video and stills, a thorough comprehensive preliminary search prior to beginning any surveillance and lastly a detailed report of the evidence collected.

In order to determine whether worker’s compensation fraud is taking place, there is a need to engage in surveillance and further investigation. However, business owners need to remember that when fraud is taking place, the perpetrator will likely be taking steps to prevent his/her lie from being uncovered. For example, if he/she is faking an injury, they may conspire with a medical professional to support their claim. They will also make it a point to pretend to be injured, not just in public, but possibly even when few people are watching. This is not usually something that a simple visit to the employee’s home will uncover. Thankfully, our investigators are experienced in identifying worker’s compensation fraud. This experience allows our private investigator to better identify when someone is lying or faking an injury.

  • There are no witnesses to the incident.

  • The injured employee is refusing treatment or receiving conflicting diagnosis

  • The injured employee waited to report the incident with no valid explanation for the delay.

  • The injured employee’s story is inconsistent or suspicious.

  • The injured employee has a history of making workers’ compensation claims.

  • The injured employee has a history of changing jobs or medical providers often.

  • The incident happened before or just after a weekend, strike, or holiday.

  • The incident happened just before an imminent termination or expiring contract.

  • There is evidence of the injured employee working a side job.

  • There is evidence of the employee doing activities that would be impossible with their claimed injury (e.g., mowing the lawn with a broken ankle).

  • The injured employee is hard to reach while on leave.

  • The injured employee hired an attorney right away or is pushing for a quick settlement.

Wellness Check

Our investigators conduct in-person or phone interviews to verify the identity of the addressee, as well as their condition and situation. In many cases, this alleviates concern over potential deception.

The investigation involves an in-person interview to determine a claimant’s general health, current medical treatment and medications, next scheduled doctor’s appointment, verification of employment and/or disability status, home environment, physical restrictions, hobbies and activities, description of a “day in the life”, social security number and date of birth verification, telephone number, spouse and children information, and photographs of the claimant and their residence. A Wellness Check can be pre-scheduled or unannounced per your instructions.

Scene Investigations

An accident investigation consists of collecting evidence, talking with witnesses and going through medical records to determine what exactly happened during the accident. Once the accident has been recreated and the investigator knows how it happened, they can begin working on what caused the accident. When they determine the cause, they come to a viable conclusion on whether or not the cause was the result of another person.

Vehicular accident reconstructions are often conducted by specialized units in law enforcement agencies or private investigators, in an attempt to answer questions about automobile accidents. Questions may often include:

  • Who was driving the vehicle and who were the passengers (if any)?

  • Which party or parties were breaking the law? This may include an illegal drive, improper vehicle or equipment, driving outside of one’s lane, and more.

  • Where were the injured victims seated at the time of the crash? Were they wearing a seat belt at the time?

  • How fast were the vehicles traveling? Was either of the vehicles exceeding the speed limit?

  • What were the weather conditions and the local environment? Did the weather contribute to unsafe road conditions? Was it difficult to see at the time?

  • What were the road conditions? Was there heavy traffic at the time?

  • Was anyone wearing a seat belt?

  • Through the process of accident investigation and reconstruction, a rigorous process is followed to gather all of the pertinent data associated with the crash. The data is then analyzed to help support conclusions and to assist in the assessment of legal liability in civil lawsuits. Experts are often called upon to present their findings in a court of law.

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