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Insurance Investigations 

Unforeseen Injury: Witness the scene as a worker falls in a warehouse, resulting in a back injury. This image highlights the importance of workplace safety, emphasizing the potential consequences of accidents and the need for comprehensive support in the event of injuries.
Fraud Surveillance: A Legal Eye investigator strategically employs surveillance tools within their vehicle to observe potential workers' compensation fraud. This image showcases our commitment to thorough investigations, ensuring the integrity of claims and protecting the interests of both employers and employees.
Elevated Work: Explore the dynamic scene of a construction site where workers ascend scaffolding. This image captures the essence of a challenging and vital aspect of the construction industry, emphasizing the importance of safety measures and skilled craftsmanship in elevated work environments.

Surveillance in personal injury and worker's compensation cases serves as a valuable tool for assessing the legitimacy of an insurance claim. By closely monitoring a claimant's daily activities, movements, and interactions, insurance claim representatives can make informed decisions regarding the claim's validity.

Year after year, attorneys and insurance companies trust Legal Eye Investigations, LLC, for surveillance services because our team consistently provides the crucial video evidence needed to evaluate challenging claims. Our field agents prioritize every hour of surveillance, employing meticulous planning, precise execution, and delivering objective and accurate reports. We steer clear of unproductive surveillance routines through continuous reassessment and predictive analysis, identifying situations that signal when surveillance may yield limited results or prove highly effective. This flexibility allows us to optimize surveillance schedules while respecting budget constraints.


Involves examining and pursuing a claim on behalf of an insurer to recover funds paid out due to an insurance claim from the responsible third party.


Aims to determine if an injury or incident is directly related to a person's job or occurred during the course of their employment, often for workers' compensation claims.


To assess the accuracy of an insurance claim by monitoring and documenting the claimant's activities and behaviors. 


A routine inquiry or investigation conducted to verify the well-being and current status of an individual.

At Legal Eye Investigations, we recognize the substantial repercussions that worker's compensation fraud can impose on businesses. Our unwavering team is dedicated to assisting you in unveiling the facts, safeguarding your interests, and securing equitable and rightful resolutions in worker's compensation cases.

Injury Documentation: Witness the symbolic image of a bandaged hand diligently filling out workers' compensation paperwork. This visual encapsulates the critical process of reporting and documenting workplace injuries, underlining the commitment to supporting employees in their recovery and compensation journey.

Our proven insurance surveillance program encompasses the following steps:


  • Thoroughly map the claimant's neighborhood.

  • Analyze aerial images for surveillance planning.

  • Identify strategic, inconspicuous observation positions.

  • Determine the claimant's modes of transportation and the vehicles they use.

  • Conduct occasional spot-checks at the claimant's residence to note any discrepancies.

  • Ethically and lawfully make discreet inquiries to pinpoint productive surveillance timings.

  • Utilize social media profiling to uncover potential leads.


  • Assign the most suitable investigator for the surveillance task.

  • Conduct a comprehensive briefing and review of objectives.

  • Set the surveillance start date and establish a schedule.

  • Equip the investigator with any specialized tools needed for the assignment.

  • Provide client updates as requested throughout the surveillance period.

  • Complete the surveillance operation, with the investigator submitting field reports and video footage.


  • Compile a summary surveillance report, detailing pertinent observations.

  • Provide a corresponding DVD showcasing the claimant's activities, including the investigator's arrival and departure times.

  • Offer still images capturing key moments from the surveillance video.

  • Suggest potential strategies for furthering the investigation, if necessary.

  • Collaborate with representatives and attorneys, offering expert testimony as needed.

Our services are carried out by licensed, seasoned investigators with diverse appearances and backgrounds, ensuring their ability to operate discreetly in various environments. Our team is equipped with surveillance vehicles and tools to deliver high-quality results while maintaining the utmost discretion. Whether in urban or rural settings, we possess the expertise to adapt to different environments and successfully execute challenging surveillance tasks.

Injury Insight: Hover to grasp the essentials of workers' comp explanation with Legal Eye—guiding you through the process with clarity and expertise.
A casted arm hovers over a workers' compensation claim form, symbolizing the tangible impact of workplace injuries. This image reflects the essential step of filing a claim for support, emphasizing Legal Eye's dedication to guiding individuals through the process with empathy and expertise.
 A magnifying glass hovers over the words 'insurance policy,' symbolizing the meticulous scrutiny of insurance details. This image represents the careful examination and expertise Legal Eye brings to insurance policies, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection for our clients.
A file cabinet shows worker compensation documents, outling Under Investigation.

If you have concerns about the proficiency of your current surveillance provider, reach out to us. We offer extensive experience and a dedicated team committed to thoroughly assessing and either confirming or refuting questionable insurance claims. Your peace of mind and the integrity of the claims process are our top priorities.

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