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Scene Investigations

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An accident investigation consists of collecting evidence, talking with witnesses, and going through medical records to determine what exactly happened during the accident. Once the accident has been recreated and the investigator knows how it happened, they can begin working on what caused the accident. When they determine the cause, they come to a viable conclusion on whether or not the cause was the result of another person.


Vehicular accident reconstructions are often conducted by specialized units in law enforcement agencies or private investigators, in an attempt to answer questions about automobile accidents. Questions may often include:


Who was driving the vehicle and who were the passengers (if any)?


Which party or parties were breaking the law? This may include an illegal drive, improper vehicle or equipment, driving outside of one’s lane, and more.


Where were the injured victims seated at the time of the crash? Were they wearing a seat belts at the time?


How fast were the vehicles traveling? Was either of the vehicles exceeding the speed limit?


What were the weather conditions and the local environment? Did the weather contribute to unsafe road conditions? Was it difficult to see at the time?


What were the road conditions? Was there heavy traffic at the time?


Was anyone wearing a seat belt?


Through the process of accident investigation and reconstruction, a rigorous process is followed to gather all of the pertinent data associated with the crash. The data is then analyzed to help support conclusions and to assist in the assessment of legal liability in civil lawsuits. Experts are often called upon to present their findings in a court of law.


A private investigator can be helpful in many ways during a scene investigation. Here are a few examples:

Gathering evidence: A private investigator can assist in collecting physical evidence at the scene of a crime or accident. This may include taking photographs, video, or other documentation of the scene that can be used in legal proceedings.


Witness interviews: Private investigators can help locate and interview witnesses to a crime or accident, including potential eyewitnesses who may have been overlooked by law enforcement.

Surveillance: A private investigator can conduct surveillance of a scene or an individual to gather additional information that may be useful in an investigation.

Background checks: Private investigators can conduct background checks on individuals who may be connected to the scene, including suspects, witnesses, and victims.


Expert consultation: Private investigators may be able to provide expert consultation in areas such as forensics, ballistics, or other technical areas that may be relevant to a scene investigation.

A private investigator with Legal Eye Investigations, LLC. can bring specialized skills and expertise to a scene investigation, including evidence gathering, witness interviews, surveillance, background checks, and expert consultation.

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