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A community culdesac in Maryland utlizing unmanned surveillance

Unmanned Surveillance

In situations where budget or logistical constraints make manned surveillance impractical, unmanned surveillance can provide a viable alternative. By utilizing stationary platforms that blend into the environment, unmanned surveillance can achieve discreet and legal video recording. These specialized stationary units are "invisible" and specifically designed to capture video of activity in residential or commercial properties, or other fixed areas. They are engineered to operate discreetly over extended periods, ranging from three to ten days, at a fraction of the cost of manned surveillance.

Making the decision of when to schedule surveillance for insurance claims can be a challenging task. It's crucial to time it right, as the success of the investigation may depend on it. If there is suspicion that a claimant is performing activities such as yard work, vehicle repairs, or house repairs outside their property, it can be challenging to pinpoint the appropriate time to capture this activity. That's where unmanned surveillance comes in. By utilizing this method, you can document these activities 24/7, removing the need for guesswork and ultimately reducing expenses. Unmanned surveillance can also be a valuable pre-surveillance tool for establishing patterns, routines, and movements of the claimant, taking the guesswork out of scheduling manned surveillance. This enhances the effectiveness and results of future manned surveillance, significantly reducing the number of hours required for a successful investigation.

Upon completing an assignment, the requester will receive a complete, unedited video of all recorded activity that has been triggered. It can be very time-consuming to sift through irrelevant footage, but we have advanced dual-tech motion detectors that are programmed to the specific environment of the property under surveillance, which has significantly reduced the need for reviewing irrelevant video clips. However, there will still be some video clips from activity on or near the property that are not relevant and will need to be sorted and reviewed. To simplify the process of reviewing and assessing the final video, we offer various options.

We offer several options to simplify the process of reviewing and assessing the final video:

Full Video Review - Our team will review all video footage captured during the assignment and include only the clips relevant to the subject or claimant.

Written Activity Report - We can prepare a written summary report of either all activity captured on video or only the activity of the subject or claimant. This option is particularly useful for longer assignments, as it highlights the relevant points of interest in the final video.

Constant Video Recording - Motion detectors are turned off, and the video is continuously recording. While motion detectors can trigger video recording due to random environmental effects, there may also be instances when they fail to trigger the video when they should. In situations where missing even a single video clip could jeopardize the entire operation, Video Always On is a mandatory option. This is especially important for unmanned surveillance at night when motion detectors can malfunction in certain environments.

Scotopic Vision - We offer infrared, thermal imaging, and light amplification video cameras to capture clear footage in low-light or no-light environments.

Live Updates - We provide live updates to the requester via text message or other means, especially when activity in the surveillance area is minimal. This option enables the requester to receive images as they happen.

A small historic town in Maryland


Rural Settings

Claimant Routines

Provider Investigations

Suspicious Claimants/Subjects

By utilizing Unmanned Surveillance Vehicles (USVs), we can conduct covert surveillance (including video recording) of a subject around the clock for a period of 2 to 7 days without interruption. Our USVs are stationary and non-invasive, and they are controlled and supervised by licensed investigators from our corporate headquarters. This advanced technology enables us to monitor the subject in real-time and conduct comprehensive investigations nationwide.

Our capabilities go beyond just viewing the camera feed from our corporate office - we can also remotely control the camera's pan, tilt, and zoom functions in real-time and provide immediate updates to our clients. Our USV is designed to blend in seamlessly with other parked vehicles in a neighborhood, making it indistinguishable from non-surveillance vehicles.





The responsibility for deciding the legal appropriateness and usability of unmanned video in a specific situation lies with the requester. Legal Eye Investigations, LLC does not offer legal counsel, and any details related to this service should not be regarded as legally binding; they are only informative.

Vigilant Watch: Our unmanned surveillance vehicle discreetly blends into the urban landscape, stationed on a bustling street. With precision and anonymity, it stands as a silent guardian, ensuring comprehensive security for your peace of mind in the heart of the city.
Guardians of the Night: As the city sleeps, our unmanned surveillance vehicle equipped with cutting-edge night vision technology stands sentinel on the dimly lit streets. Silent and vigilant, it ensures unwavering security with an unblinking eye, providing a watchful presence during the tranquil hours of the night.

UNMANNED SURVEILLANCE and REMOTE SURVEILLANCE are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have slightly different meanings in the context of surveillance operations.

Unmanned Surveillance: Unmanned surveillance refers to the use of surveillance equipment or systems that operate autonomously without human presence or intervention. It typically involves the deployment of fixed cameras, motion sensors, or other sensors that capture data or trigger recording based on predetermined parameters. Unmanned surveillance systems are often used for continuous monitoring of specific areas or to gather evidence over extended periods without the need for constant human supervision.

Remote Surveillance: Remote surveillance, on the other hand, involves the monitoring and observation of a target or location from a remote location by human operators. It utilizes surveillance technology and communication systems to transmit real-time video feeds or other data from the monitored site to a remote monitoring station or control center. Trained investigators or surveillance specialists then monitor the feeds or recorded data remotely and respond to any suspicious activities or events.

Unmanned surveillance relies on automated surveillance systems that operate without human involvement, while remote surveillance involves human operators monitoring and analyzing the surveillance data remotely. Unmanned surveillance is more focused on continuous monitoring and data collection, while remote surveillance combines technology with human expertise for real-time monitoring, response, and decision-making.

A dedicated operator sits before a computer screen, orchestrating precision surveillance through our unmanned systems. With focused expertise, he navigates the digital realm, ensuring constant vigilance and security for your peace of mind.
Behind the scenes, a vigilant operator monitors our unmanned surveillance system, eyes fixed on the digital canvas. With precision and expertise, he navigates the virtual landscape, ensuring unwavering security in real-time for your utmost peace of mind.

Remote Surveillance: Unleashing Uninterrupted 24/7 Documentation!

When circumstances call for a strategic alternative, Remote Surveillance steps in to provide valuable insights. Whether it's limited information, elusive activity, or evening suspicions, our cutting-edge approach covers the gaps with precision. We deploy creative strategies in diverse communities, tackling even the savviest claimants and investigator compromise.

Why opt for Remote Surveillance? It serves as a strategic complement to manned surveillance, overcoming challenges and delivering results. With our advanced resources, we verify residences, validate claimant identities, track vehicles, and uncover connections with known associates. As patterns of claimant activity are learned, we can schedule manned surveillance for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, Remote Surveillance thrives during off-hours, covering multiple locations seamlessly.

Here are the key features and benefits:


 - Uninterrupted 24-hour recording, with control over camera manipulation, focus adjustments, and more.
- Flexible deployment options, including vehicle-mounted cameras and secure 2-meter box configurations.
- Extended battery life of 5 days or more, ensuring continuous monitoring.
- High-definition 4K cameras with pan, tilt, zoom, and exceptional low-light capabilities.


 - Maintains investigative integrity, even in challenging locations.
- Establishes a comprehensive pattern of claimant activity for stronger evidence.
- Builds a solid foundation for the next phase of the investigation.
- Ensures coverage of multiple entrances and exits for comprehensive monitoring.
- Provides quality assurance for the provider network.
- Seamlessly complements manned surveillance investigations, enhancing overall effectiveness.

With Remote Surveillance, you gain the advantage of uninterrupted documentation and the ability to adapt to dynamic investigative needs. Let us help you strengthen your cases with meticulous surveillance and irrefutable evidence. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can benefit your investigations.

Our unmanned technology transcends the ordinary, quietly observing the city street like a celestial guardian. Camouflaged amidst the urban cosmos, it ensures security without disrupting the flow, a silent sentinel hidden in plain sight.
In the tranquil embrace of a suburban neighborhood, one of Legal Eye Investigations' unmanned surveillance units stands as a discreet sentinel. Blending seamlessly into the familiar surroundings, it provides silent and unwavering security, ensuring the safety of the community with a watchful electronic eye.

Unmanned Surveillance
An Affordable and Effective Alternative to Manned Surveillance


When budget constraints or logistical challenges make manned surveillance impractical, unmanned surveillance offers a viable solution. Unmanned surveillance utilizes stationary platforms thoughtfully positioned to blend seamlessly into the environment, facilitating discreet, stationary, and legally compliant video recording. These stationary units remain virtually invisible and are purpose-built to capture video footage of activities on residential or commercial properties and other fixed areas. Unmanned surveillance operates discreetly over extended periods, typically spanning from three to ten days, all at a fraction of the cost associated with manned surveillance.

Unmanned Claimant Surveillance
Enhancing Decision-Making in Insurance Claims

One of the most challenging aspects of insurance claim management is determining the optimal timing for surveillance. Timing can make all the difference. When there is suspicion that a claimant engages in outdoor activities on their property, such as yard work, vehicle repairs, or home improvements, but uncertainty persists regarding when these activities occur, unmanned surveillance steps in to provide 24/7 documentation. This eliminates guesswork and helps reduce expenses. Unmanned surveillance also proves to be an effective pre-surveillance tool for understanding claimants' patterns, routines, and movements, removing the guesswork when scheduling manned surveillance. This enhances the effectiveness and outcomes of future manned surveillance while significantly reducing the number of manned surveillance hours required.

Requesting Unmanned Surveillance
Simplified and Efficient Online Process

Initiating unmanned surveillance is a straightforward process conducted online using the Initial Request Form. Upon receiving a request, we conduct a review of the specified address to determine the feasibility of unmanned surveillance. Within 48 hours, the requestor receives an email notification, either confirming that the assignment can proceed as requested or providing a report explaining any limitations or reasons for infeasibility. If the assignment can proceed, the email contains a link to a Request Form, which gathers additional details, scheduling preferences, and the cost associated with unmanned surveillance.

Video and Report Options
Streamlining Your Surveillance Experience

At the conclusion of an assignment, the requestor receives a full, unedited video comprising all recorded activity triggers. We understand that sifting through irrelevant video footage can be time-consuming. To address this, we have integrated advanced dual-tech motion detectors tailored to the property's environment, substantially reducing unnecessary video captures. However, some video clips may still be irrelevant and require review and sorting. We offer options to simplify the process of reviewing and assessing the final video:

Full Video Review: We review all video footage, including clips of the subject or claimant.

Written Activity Report: A concise summary report is prepared, covering either all recorded activity or just the subject's or claimant's actions. This option is particularly helpful for longer assignments, highlighting key points of interest and relevance in the final video.

Video Always On: Motion detectors are deactivated, and continuous video recording is employed. This option is essential for unmanned surveillance at night, where motion detectors may occasionally malfunction in specific nocturnal environments.

Night Vision: Infrared, thermal imaging and light amplification video cameras are available when needed.

Live Updates: In cases where surveillance area activity is minimal, requestors can opt to receive real-time images via text as events occur.

Legal Considerations
Determining Legality and Usability

It is the responsibility of the requestor to assess the legality and suitability of unmanned video footage for their specific situation.


Legal Eye Investigations, LLC, does not provide legal advice, and any information pertaining to this service should not be considered legally binding, but purely informative.

We employ various concealment platforms to ensure discreet surveillance. All surveillance platforms are strategically placed on public or community property to avoid trespassing issues. An investigator licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services processes unmanned surveillance requests and delivers the finalized video results. Rest assured, our qualified investigator will be available to testify regarding all obtained video evidence.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information or to initiate your unmanned surveillance request. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

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