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Wellness/Activity Check

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A wellness check and an activity check are two different types of investigations, typically performed by insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, or private investigators.

A wellness check, also known as a welfare check, is a type of investigation that involves checking on the well-being of an individual. This may be done in response to a request from a concerned family member or friend, or as part of an insurance or legal investigation. The purpose of a wellness check is to ensure that the individual is safe and healthy, and may involve speaking with the individual or others who may have information about their well-being.


An activity check, on the other hand, is an investigation that is focused on verifying an individual's activities and movements. This may be done to confirm the legitimacy of an insurance claim or to investigate suspicions of fraud or wrongdoing. An activity check may involve conducting surveillance, reviewing public records, and interviewing witnesses to gather information about an individual's daily activities, including their work schedule, social interactions, and physical abilities.

While both wellness checks and activity checks involve investigating individuals, a wellness check is focused on checking an individual's well-being, while an activity check is focused on verifying an individual's activities and movements.



Child Activity Check

Activity Checks on children can be a sensitive matter and we respect the importance of maintaining private and confidential ‘checks.   Our Private Investigators understand your concern; therefore, you will be constantly updated on the progress of the matter personally.  During the course of the investigation, you may be provided with necessary photos and/or videos of their activities.

Why would I need to commence an Activity Check on my child by a Maryland Licensed Private Investigator?

  • Your son or daughter is attending University and you are concerned with their choice of friends.  Are they taking drugs?  Making good choices?

  • You frequently travel away for work, and you question your teenager's activity whilst you're away

  • You suspect your daughter is having a relationship with a person you would not approve of, and you want to know who, what, where, and why?

  • Your child has just moved out and you are concerned about their visitors, actions and living arrangements

  • You are planning a long overseas holiday and want to 'spot check' your children from time to time

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