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"An undiscovered lie becomes the truth, know the facts."

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Here at Legal Eye, we employ a specialized team of field operatives, detectives, and cyber investigators that work together to uncover the truth. We provide an array of investigative services throughout the state of Maryland. Our surveillance equipment and video evidence rendering are unsurpassed, excelling in both short and long-range intelligence gathering. We have access to privileged data collection libraries, robust field communication, and satellite tracking technology. The reason our cases run so smoothly and with such success, is because we do everything, we can to ensure it. We operate strategically and deliver real results. Our clients are provided instant updates with private access to our hourly field reporting portal. Also, within that portal the user can directly communicate with the Legal Eye Operative working on that specific case. No other agency offers this level of involvement and transparency. We believe this is a team effort and with our help you can get to the truth. Don't hesitate another moment. To get started, complete an online form that best meets your specific case needs. If you have any questions or would like more information, visit our contact page or use the chat icons at the bottom of this page. Thank you for taking the time to look at Legal Eye Investigations!



Cheating Spouse


Child Custody

missing person

Missing Person


Process Service

activity check

Activity/Wellness Check


Workers Compensation

skip tracing

Skip Trace Investigations

background investigations

Background Investigations

bug sweep


gps tracking

GPS Tracking

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Scene Investigations

Social Media Investigations

social media investigations

Social Media Investigations

GPS Tracking

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