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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private investigator, and what services do they offer?


A private investigator is a licensed professional who conducts investigations on behalf of individuals, businesses, or organizations. At Legal Eye Investigations, LLC.,  we offer a diverse range of services, including background checks, surveillance, missing persons investigations, infidelity investigations, corporate investigations, digital forensics, and more.


Why should I hire a private investigator?


Private investigators bring specialized skills, training, and resources to uncover information that may be challenging for individuals to obtain on their own. Whether you need to verify someone's background, gather evidence for a legal case, or locate a missing person, our experienced team can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions.


Are your investigators licensed and experienced?


Yes, all our investigators are fully licensed and have extensive experience in the field of private investigation. They undergo rigorous training and stay updated with the latest investigative techniques to deliver high-quality results.


Is my case information kept confidential?


Absolutely! Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. Your case details, personal information, and any sensitive data you provide will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and security.


How much will the investigation cost?


The cost of an investigation can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the services required, and the time involved. Field Surveillance is billed at $95.00 an hour with a four hour block minimum. There is no charge for mileage. However keep in mind that billing begins when the investigator departs their home base, and continues until the investigator returns back at their home base. Discount Surveillance Packages are also available. (Call for more details.)


How long will the investigation take?


The duration of an investigation can differ based on the nature of the case and the information needed. Some investigations may be resolved quickly, while others require more time for thorough research and surveillance. During the initial consultation, we can provide you with an estimated timeline for your specific case.


Is it legal to hire a private investigator?


Yes, hiring a licensed private investigator is legal and widely recognized as a legitimate means of obtaining information for personal or business purposes. Our team adheres to all applicable laws and regulations while conducting investigations.


Will the evidence collected be admissible in court?


Our investigators gather evidence following proper legal procedures to ensure its admissibility in court, if necessary. We provide well-documented and legally sound reports, which can support your case in a court of law or other proceedings.


What if I need updates on the progress of my case?


As a private investigative agency, we understand the importance of keeping our clients informed throughout the investigation process. We are committed to providing regular updates and reports on the progress of our clients cases. Depending on the nature of the investigation, we will establish a communication plan with our client, which may include periodic phone or email updates, written reports, or access to your case file online. This ensures that you are always aware of the latest developments, any significant findings, and the overall progress of the investigation. We believe in open and transparent communication to keep our clients informed and provide them with peace of mind during their investigation.


How do I get started with an investigation?


To initiate an investigation, simply contact us via phone, email, or by our website. Our team will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs and objectives. During this FREE consultation, we will provide you with a clear overview of our services and how we can assist you in resolving your specific case.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours. 

Should I hire a private investigator to follow my spouse?

If you believe that your spouse is being unfaithful then yes, you should hire a private investigator to obtain evidence of what activity may be taking place.

What are common mistakes investigators make?

1. Not conducting a thorough investigation.
2. Failing to gather all relevant evidence.
3. Jumping to conclusions or making assumptions without proper evidence.
4. Failing to follow proper procedures or protocols.
5. Overstepping legal boundaries or engaging in unethical behavior.
6. Not maintaining proper documentation and record-keeping.
7. Allowing personal biases or emotions to cloud judgment.

What skills are necessary to perform a private investigator role?

You need patience, critical thinking, interviewing, video recording equipment, computer, and computer forensics skills. You also require research, independence, self-discipline, and organizational abilities. These traits assist you in reviewing facts and evidence, reading court records, speaking with witnesses, and conducting physical surveillance.

Is there a difference between a private investigator and a private detective?

No. The terms “private investigator” and “private detective” are often used interchangeably.

Do you guarantee results?

Any agency that guarantees results is likely willing to resort to unethical methods to ensure their “guarantee” and therefore cannot be trusted. There are a few “types” to look out for when it comes to trusting a private investigator. We can guarantee that we will do everything within our legal abilities to find answers, but not much else.

I own a business, can a private investigator help me?

Yes! Not only can we perform background checks on potential or current employees or business partners, but our private investigators can help you with workers’ compensation investigations when you suspect fraudulent injuries or compensation claims. Our Legal Eye private investigators can also do background checks on potential investments, checking public records and judgments to avoid potential scams.

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