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"Bug Sweeps"


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Do you have an uncomfortable feeling you are being watched? Do you hear strange noises on your phone? Has your private information been suspiciously revealed during conversations with acquaintances or business associates? The ever-increasing availability of audio and video bugs on the market today, make it relatively easy for someone to monitor what you are doing and saying in the privacy of your own home, business or vehicle. The threat of being a victim of electronic eavesdropping has never been greater. It doesn’t take a high level of expertise or expensive equipment to intercept most forms of electronic communication and transmit it anywhere worldwide. Shockingly, surveillance equipment is not difficult to construct, is available in many ordinary electronics stores and can be sold to any buyer, without restrictions.
We could easily be clueless that we are living with these electronic roommates. Once planted, these devices are most likely disguised as household or office objects, hidden out of sight under furniture or floorboards or concealed inside walls and electrical equipment. They can also be cleverly built into something you already own. Typically, the only effective way of locating this equipment for removal is by a Counter Surveillance Operation or “Bug Sweep.” Legal Eye will arrange for a Counter Surveillance Investigator to visit your home or business, discreetly locate any devices and remove them. In some cases, a reverse trace back investigation can be conducted to uncover the guilty eavesdropping parties.

Common places where eavesdropping takes place is any location where valuable and important information is openly discussed is susceptible to bugs. Today’s listening devices are more sophisticated, smaller, and easy to hide. The most common hiding places include: 

  • Private residences

  • Cars, boats, and aircrafts

  • Mobile phones and landlines

  • Business offices such as boardrooms and conference rooms

  • Corporate apartments

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