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Meet Radar our E-Dog

German Shepherd K9 laying on office floor
Electronic motherboards for K9 E-dog testing

Meet Radar, our talented German Shepherd e-dog at Legal Eye Investigations! Radar is a key member of our team, helping us to locate hidden cameras and other spy equipment with his exceptional sense of smell.


With his sharp nose and rigorous training, Radar can quickly and accurately detect the scent of electronic devices such as cameras, hard drives, and other storage devices. This makes him a valuable asset in our investigations, allowing us to locate hidden devices that may be used for spying or other illegal activities.


Radar is not only a skilled e-dog but also a friendly and loyal companion. He loves to work alongside our investigators and is always eager to assist in any way he can.


If you suspect that you are a victim of spying or other illicit activities, contact Legal Eye Investigations today and ask for Radar. With his expert training and an exceptional sense of smell, he can help you uncover the truth and safeguard your privacy.

What is an E-Dog?

Electronic sniffing dogs, also known as "e-dogs," are a type of working dog that is trained to detect the scent of electronic devices such as cell phones, hard drives, USB sticks, and other electronic storage devices. These dogs are often used in law enforcement, military, and other security settings to help locate hidden or contraband electronic devices that might be used to store or transmit sensitive information, such as classified documents, or to carry out illegal activities such as terrorism or cybercrime.


The training of electronic sniffing dogs involves teaching them to recognize the scent of electronic devices by rewarding them for correctly identifying the target scent. The dogs are typically trained to locate the scent in a variety of settings, such as in buildings, vehicles, or on people, and may be trained to indicate the location of the scent through actions such as sitting or barking.


In addition to being used for security purposes, electronic sniffing dogs may also be used in digital forensics investigations to help locate and recover lost or deleted data from electronic devices. These dogs are often used in conjunction with other digital forensic tools and techniques to provide a more comprehensive approach to data recovery.


Overall, electronic sniffing dogs are a specialized type of working dog that is trained to detect the scent of electronic devices. Their unique abilities make them an important asset in law enforcement and security operations, as well as TSCM Investigations by Legal Eye Investigations LLC.

Dogs that receive training in electronic storage detection can identify the chemical compounds present in electronic devices, ranging from small SD cards to larger items such as cell phones. Thanks to their rigorous training, these dogs can detect even the most miniature electronic devices, including microSD cards, due to the presence of circuit boards in all electronics. This is because all electronic devices use triphenylphosphine oxide (TPPO), a compound that covers their circuit boards to prevent overheating, as well as hydroxy cyclohexyl phenyl ketone (HPK), another common compound found in CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and floppy disks. By sniffing out these chemical compounds, electronic detection dogs are able to alert their handlers to the presence of electronic devices of all shapes and sizes.

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