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Stalking and Counter Surveillance

The same black car parked out front of your house this morning. You noticed it because no one normally parks there. It's sort of reserved for when the in-laws stop to visit. The Amazon truck sits there on occasion too. But this car is different. It pulled up as you were making a cup of morning brew. You watched and waited to see who may emerge at this early morning hour. But no one did. The driver remained in the car. Sitting, waiting. For who? For what purpose?

You walk down the hall away from the window but the car has made an impression. Its color, its make and model etched into your mind for future reference if needed.

When an individual feels they are being stalked or monitored by an unknown person or entity oftentimes they may feel like they're losing it, or just being paranoid. Their friends and family may even tell them so. Unfortunately, there have been instances where victims could not get the support they needed from family, friends or even law enforcement and found themselves in real danger as a result.

We here at Legal Eye know more than most the reality of what constitutes stalking in the state of Maryland. We recognize the vulnerability of an individual who finds themselves in this situation. And worry what will happen to those who can't find someone to help.

We have specifically designed services for counter Intelligence gathering or counter surveillance.

"Personal Counter Surveillance" is when you place yourself under surveillance by a Maryland State Licensed Legal Eye Private Investigator to determine if you are being tailed or if your home is under surveillance by another person or group.

Legal Eye also offers Bug Sweeps and TSCM services to locate potential GPS devices on vehicles, or video and audio devices used for electronic eavesdropping. Our equipment may be used in your vehicle or home to isolate the signal these devices emit. If you have any questions about these services contact Legal Eye Investigations LLC, a Maryland State Licensed Private Detective Agency at 410-921-5804.

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