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A Legal Eye Investigations Wellness Check

Maryland State Police investigated the death of two people found inside their home in Allegany County, Md. The victims were identified as 54-year-old Lorraine Zembower and 65-year-old Gregory Zembower. Both individuals were pronounced deceased in their home in the 15000 block of Meadowdale Drive in Rawlings, Maryland. A relative called 9-1-1 after several attempts at reaching them by phone were unsuccessful. On the scene, they found the couple in separate rooms of the home. Officials said evidence indicated that there were no signs of a forced entry or any defensive wounds. The couple had been deceased for almost a week.

When you don't hear from your loved ones for several days, it is completely natural to feel concerned, especially when it comes to seniors. For many older people, even a mundane injury could be quite dangerous and those who live with mobility limitations are more at risk.

A Wellness Check can bring you the peace of mind that you need and deserve. But when is it appropriate to bring your concerns to someone else, like the police or a private investigator? Below you can learn more about what a Wellness Check involves with Legal Eye Investigations.

When a family member, friend, or neighbor is unable to contact someone and they become worried about their well-being, a private investigator at Legal Eye Investigations can perform a Wellness Check to ease your mind.

Of course, what constitutes unusual behavior will vary from one individual to the next. While certain individuals follow stringent schedules, others are more spontaneous. Be that as it may, assuming you called or knocked and no one responded, or maybe you have reason to believe that something just does not seem right, a wellness check is probably a good idea.

Beyond losing contact with someone, there are a few additional conditions where a Wellness Check can be a great idea. Checking in on your elderly family members during those summer months is a good example. When seasonal weather kicks in, Wellness Checks can be progressively significant.

If you are wondering how to do a Wellness Check on an elderly person, it is quite simple to do with Legal Eye Investigations. Simply, click on start a Wellness Check below and fill out the form. A Maryland-licensed private investigator will contact you about your concerns. It is that simple!

We also offer a Wellness Check-In Program, which has become more popular since the 2019 COVID Pandemic.

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