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Legal Eye Investigations - Child Custody Cases.

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Do I Need a Private Investigator for My Child Custody Case?

A Private Investigator explains how his Agency helps parents who are seeking resolution to an unfair or unsafe child custody agreement. It is important to understand that Maryland Child Custody Law will always take the "best interests" of the child stance when deciding on cases dealing in child custody. The "best interests" of the child standard considers the evidence that each individual parent brings to the court's attention. If one or the other parent is shown to be less able to care for the child, the court's decision will reflect that. Remember, custody and visitation arrangements are never permanent. As situations change, new information is learned, a parent can always petition the Court to modify a Court order, especially when a child's well-being is at stake.

Consult With an Attorney

First things first, a P.I. is not your lawyer. You wouldn't go to an auto mechanic for a root canal? Don't call a Private Investigator for legal advice. But do speak with a reputable Maryland Family Law Attorney. If you need help finding a solid team to fight on yours and your child's behalf, see our partners list at Maryland Law Help.

Don't Just Sit There and Do Nothing!

This is your child. A young living, breathing, miracle of life and arguably the essence of you, yourself. If you suspect something isn't right. That they are in any degree of danger or distress. Or that your child's interests are just not being honored. You may want to speak with a professional private investigator.

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