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Are you sure you are the only one this Valentine's Day?

As the Valentine's holiday is approaching are you sure you're the only one?

There are a variety of behaviors that may indicate a cheating partner. It’s important to remember that there may be other reasonable explanations for any of these behaviors, however, if you observe any combination of the following behaviors, then it may be time to investigate:

1. Unusual work schedules or late hours at the office.

2. Spending more time “out with friends” or acting like he/she is single.

3. Dressing better than usual, especially when going out without you.

4. Acting bored with children, family activities, etc.

5. Diminished sex drive and excuses to avoid sexual intercourse.

6. Diminished interest in communicating or spending time with their partner.

7. New password protection of phone, computer or other devices.

8. Acting excessively protecting of their cell phone.

9. Getting new credit cards.

10. Small lies and omissions.

11. Removing pictures of their partner or family from cell phone or wallet.

12. Becoming defensive when asked about time spent away from the home.

If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, call Legal Eye Investigations at 410-921-5804 or visit our website at

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